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Our priority is understanding our clients’ requirements and ensuring we provide the perfect result. We pride ourselves on maintaining clear communication throughout the project.

From the initial quote to the finished job fulfilling your exacting requirements is our prime concern. From the smallest to the biggest assignment, we ensure you receive punctuality, professionalism and cleanliness.


At 24-7 Decorating we understand that every job is varied and individual. Our priority is listening to exactly what the client wants and continuing that clarity of communication throughout the project. From the initial quote to the finished job your needs are our responsibility to fill. However from the smallest to the biggest job there are key things we have every customer looks for: punctuality, professionalism and cleanliness.

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I was very happy with the standard of work, their courtesy and respect shown to both myself and the house. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm and painters again

-Elizabeth Black


Thank you so much, Wonderful job done far quicker than I could imagine

- Catriona Smyth



Another wonderful job

  • -Mrs Duffy

Excellent job, the two guys could not have been better and got the job done quickly and efficiently

- Matt Ward



Decorators extremely polite and pleased with the job

- Julia Kidd



Thank you got a job well done. Made a difference. Two lovely gentlemen doing the job, never stopped from start to finish

- H Dickins



Very happy with the service. Good communication at all stages

- Al and Susan Cameron